Healthy communication is vital to instill in your children. It lets them feel safe and secure in their home and builds upon relationships they have with their parents. Developing these skills takes time and patience, but also safety and security. Healthy communication is essential to development.

What is good communication?

Good communication is as simple as giving your child your full attention when communicating with them. It’s also encouraging them to talk about what they’re thinking and feeling. This includes responding in an appropriate way to feelings of anger, sadness, even embarrassment or fear. Picking up on your child’s body language and tone really can help you figure out what your child is trying to express. Focusing on your own body language is just as important because your child will be able to tell whether or not you’re interested in what they’re telling you. 

Tips for developing good communication with your child

Developing these essential skills is crucial because it helps build your relationship with your child, as they perceive your listening as you valuing their thoughts and feelings.

  • Set time aside for talking and listening to your child. A good time for this could be during family meals!
  • Don’t use computers, phones, or the television while you’re communicating with your child. This goes back to giving your child your full attention.
  • Be sure to talk to them often, even about the most mundane things. Developing a rapport with your child lets them know that you’re a safe person to go to if there are problems. 
  • Express all emotions with your child, including fear, anger, and anxiety. Helping your child build a vocabulary for the things they make, think, or feel. (Note: It’s best to wait and make sure your anger is under control before communicating.)
  • Your child may be sending non-verbal signals, so notice how they’re standing. Body language is imperative.
  • Involve your child in conversations. This could be as simple as asking them what they think or feel. This shows that you value their input. 


Developing good communication skills with your child is essential for helping them grow. 

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