With winter break upon us, you may be scrambling to try and find something for your kids to do. You don’t want them to plop down in front of the television or the computer for the whole time! It’s so easy for boredom to set in for them, so there are a couple of things that you can do to make sure your child’s brain is stimulated on the long break from school.

Start a reading program

Something that’s incredibly precious to a child’s mind is their imagination, and reading is a perfect way to make sure that their minds stay engaged. Reading books is an easy way to be transported into another time, place, or universe, and maybe inspire someone to start writing themselves. You may want to look into your local library; most of them have a daily reading program, offering fun prizes for the number of books read over a certain period of time. 

Learning games

Who doesn’t like games? There are myriad games that you can play with your kids that can help enrich their minds with things that can be used in real life! Believe it or not, older board games can be seen as an essential part of learning. Whether that’s in patience or counting– in Monopoly, you can teach your kids the value of money without having to worry about them with actual money. Educational versions of popular games like bingo are also made to help teach children about colors, numbers, plants, animals, and even math concepts!

Do open-ended crafts

Giving your children open-ended crafts can be incredibly enriching for them. An open-ended craft shows kids that they can choose what they want to do and allows them to make more significant decisions that don’t have lasting consequences. All you need to do is set out some art supplies and let your kids have the time of their lives!

Do a virtual museum and sightseeing tour

Everywhere you go, there will be a state park or a museum whose design is to help kids learn. If there’s snow or rain where you are, it doesn’t mean that you have to be stuck doing nothing! There are so many museums that have virtual tours, allowing learning to take place just about anywhere! The San Diego Zoo offers virtual tours and live camera options if your child wants to observe the animals. Chicago’s Shedd Aquarium’s Facebook page or the National Aquarium in Baltimore also offer tours if your child is more interested in things happening underwater!

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