Winter vacation is a much-needed break from the mundanity of the school year, letting children have a chance to sit back and be kids. But now that school’s back in session, we have to make sure that we set our children up for success. Today we’re going to be looking at some tips that can help your children stay focused in the new year.

Open a dialogue

Make sure you’re talking with your child about the rest of the school year to come. Are they happy with what they’ve accomplished in the first half of the school year? If not, how could they do better? Be sure to talk about a wide variety of school topics: friends, grades, even sports, if they so choose. 

You can also let them vent about any negativity they may be feeling as well. Knowing their problems are heard is one way you can help them as a parent. If it helps them, sharing your memories about being in school may help them as well!

Make the prep fun

There are many ways to make back-to-school prep fun! There’s not a sale on school supplies, but there is a way for you to still have fun! You can go shopping for new clothes again or let your kids choose the dinners leading up to the first day back at school. This way, it’s associated with positive feelings.

If your child is old enough to go shopping on their own, you can also give them money so they can go shopping with their friends. 

Stress relievers are key

More often than not, kids are anxious to go back to school. However, there’s a number of things that you can do as a parent to help combat and comfort your child during this time. A popular stress reliever is a breathing exercise: breathe in for five seconds through your nose, hold it for two seconds, breathe out through your mouth like you’re blowing out a candle. 

You can also go through your child’s classes with a school map, letting them map out where their new classes will be if they’ve changed any classes in the new semester. You can work through the day with your child and make sure that they know that there’s nothing scary about being back at school. 

Be clear on the homework routine

As last semester wound down, you may have gone a little lax on the homework routine, letting your kids play more video games or watch television as there was no homework to do. However, a new semester means a new opportunity to get studies back on track. Make sure you are clear on when studying is appropriate. Some kids may find that doing their work before school is better than after school or in the evening, and vice versa. Nevertheless, making sure your kids know that their studies are important is paramount. 

These are just a few of the ways that you can get your kids ready for school in the new year.

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