The rise of online learning and the need for more remote learning tools have been attributed to the pandemic. As the effects of the pandemic are fading away, many COVID-related initiatives will eventually be phased out. However, effective digital tools will still be in demand. The pandemic has been a major factor that prompted schools and educators to go digital. Below are some of the best free online learning tools for your students. 

PDF Reader

Due to the increasing popularity of digital files and the need for more efficient document editing and sharing, the demand for these tools has increased. They can help decrease the gap between in-person and online learning and enable students to submit homework.

PDF Reader can be used to edit documents freely, including drawings, annotations, and highlighters. It can also convert different types of files, such as .ppt, .pdf, and .doc. It can also be used to interact with students.


Everyone has their own method of studying, and with the help of Quizlet, students can customize their approach to improve their learning. By digitizing traditional flashcards, the platform allows students to strengthen their traditional studying while also incorporating learning science and machine learning into their lessons. They can create their own accounts, add study sets to their class folders, and participate in various games and competitions.


The learning platform known as Brilliant is designed to promote critical thinking and scientific knowledge through interactive assessments and lessons. Teachers can also sign up for a free account to use the platform.


YouTube is one of the most comprehensive video platforms on the internet. Teachers and students can easily find instructional videos on various topics by searching for them on the platform. This allows them to build their own agency and keep up with the latest news and content.

Khan Academy

With an incredible range of practice exercises and instructional videos, Khan Academy is a great resource for students and teachers. It also has various subjects aligned with the Common Core, from K-12 math, grammar, science, history, AP Courses, and SAT Prep.


What if, instead of having to go through hundreds of pages of a book, you could just get a summary of its plot in less than 15 minutes? With the help of Blinkist, teachers can easily provide a professional summary of some of the most popular non-fiction titles. Students can use this app to summarize and analyze secondary sources for their research projects. They can also access audio versions of the site’s summaries and sync them to their devices.

These were just a few of the many online resources your students can use to ensure they have the best educational experience possible. 

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