Summer is a favorite season among many people, especially children. Also, with the vaccine becoming widely available, people are counting ready to be outside again. Summer brings a wide range of fun activities, from swimming to surfing and camping; however, there are also harmful situations that typically occur during the summer months, such as drowning, sun illness, and dehydration. To have the most fun possible in the summer, you should ensure the safety of your children and yourself. Below are a few essential summer safety tips

Prevent drowning by keeping an avid watch.

Summer is the season where drowning incidents increase dramatically. With pools, lakes, and beaches opening, the possibility of drowning spikes, especially in involving children. These situations can happen anywhere, even in a pool stationed in your own backyard. If you are going to have people and children around a body of water this summer, it is best to keep an eye out at all times to make sure no surprises occur. Also, for small children or people who are not very good swimmers, protective gear such as floaties and life vests are extremely helpful to prevent various drowning circumstances. 

Keep an eye out for signs of heat exhaustion.

As the summer is the hottest season, cases of heatstroke tend to spike during the months of July and August. This can be fatal to young children and elderly folk if not appropriately handled. Before someone goes into a full heatstroke, they will usually show various signs of heat exhaustion and heat cramps. When children play outside, they should take frequent hydration breaks to drink water and cold drinks with electrolytes. They should also wear light-colored and light-material clothing if they will be hanging out under the sun. Regarding older people, they should not stay long periods in hot homes without air conditioning or adequate fanning. 

Keep skin protected from the sun. 

Younger children are extremely sensitive to the UV rays coming from the sun. They should not play outside or participate in outdoor activities without being protected by sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30%. This should also be reapplied whenever they come out of the water and after every three hours. It is best to dress children in clothing that contains sun protection and to avoid participating in outdoor activities during peak hours of the sun.

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