With school closures extending through the end of the academic year all across the U.S., many parents are now faced with trying to school their children themselves. All the while trying to balance working from home (if they’re lucky) or trying to figure out how to survive the financial crunch brought about by the pandemic. Schools have been able to transition to remote classes online with varying degrees of success. 

To help ease the stress and overwhelm parents may be feeling right now, I thought it would be good to compile a list of resources for finding educational enrichment activities and lessons that can be done from home. There are a wide variety of resources available online, so many in fact that it may be a bit overwhelming to know where to look and what to choose. Some educational sites are offering free resources or discounted resources throughout the rest of the school year. Some require parents to sign up to access materials, while others do not. With that in mind, I tried to stick with ones that are free and don’t require any signup. 

Government Agencies and Institutions have also made lessons, games, and activities available for parents and students. 

Many zoos and aquariums are closed due to the quarantine. However, zookeepers and staff are still there caring for the animals. Many of them are offering live online experiences daily. Here are a few worth checking out:

Along with zoos and aquariums, there are a few national parks that have online tours worth checking out:

Museums also have some incredible virtual tours and exhibits. 

Another excellent resource for arts and culture-related tours is Google Arts & Culture, which offers limited access to the collections of over 2,500 museums worldwide. Opportunities include art, history, and science museums, along with parks, libraries, and homes of literary or historical importance around the world. 

During this time, it’s important to remember you’re not alone in this situation. Many other parents are facing the same challenges. We can get through this together, taking things day by day. 

*Please note: Every effort has been made to ensure all links provided are functioning properly; however, be aware that sites on the internet are constantly changing and what works today may not be functioning tomorrow. 

Dr. Edward S. Thalheimer is the President and Founder of The Tutoring Franchise Corp. If you would like further information about how to help children who need educational assistance, please go to www.tutoringcenter.com.