Learning is not specific to one season. School might be out for a few weeks, but that does not mean that your children will stop experiencing things to prepare them for the real world.


Summer is a great time to teach your children through fun, engaging activities. Indoors or out, there are things to see and do that will enlighten them through attentiveness and problem-solving. With so much to learn, it can’t be limited to the official school year!


If you need ideas to ensure that your children will continue to learn during summer break, try these!


1- Writing Prompts


Give your children journals and topics to write about. Encourage them to get creative with their work. Composing stories will help them understand how one event leads to another. It’ll also teach them the basics of storytelling, such as the role of a main character or how plot twists change a story.


Be sure to give constructive criticism when you read their work. They’re eager for input that will help them improve at writing. In addition, being able to write well helps with communication skills.


2- Plant a Garden


Start a garden in your yard, and as the seedlings begin to emerge from the ground, explain what’s going on. If you’re working on a vegetable garden, mention the benefits of each vegetable. This will teach your kids which foods to include in a balanced diet. Such knowledge will help them live a healthy lifestyle.


3- Build a Reading List


Encourage your children to continue reading in the summer by compiling a reading list. Then, reward them each time they complete a book.


Don’t stop there! Be active in their reading by participating in discussions about the story. Your kids will feel that the book they’re reading is important if you also know about it. Take their ideas seriously, so they won’t be afraid to ask questions.




Each day presents us with opportunities to teach our children. In the process, we parents also pick up on new things.


The summer air is full of energy as flowers grow and critters emerge. Encourage your kids’ curiosity by setting up learning activities for the entire family.


Dr. Edward S. Thalheimer is the President and Founder of The Tutoring Franchise Corp. For our part, we here at The Tutoring Center® are continuing to provide one-to-one instruction combined with The Rotational Approach to Learning® to prevent children from slipping through the cracks academically. Our programs help children achieve long-term success, build concentration and focus, and, with our outstanding instructors, find the love of learning. Don’t let your child fall behind. Give them the opportunity to grow academically this summer. If you’re interested in learning more, visit our website at TutoringCenter.com.