Kids are resilient, but the pandemic is putting stress on them as they’re forced to be away from their friends. Their lives have been uprooted as they lose routines and are forced to miss parties, field trips, and big events. We’ve got a few ways you can help your kids remain socially connected through the pandemic.

Video Playdates

When the kids can’t see their friends in person, they can connect online. Set them up on video apps like Zoom, Marco Polo, or Skype so they can hang out virtually. They can even have a little FaceTime call. It’s a lot of fun to watch as they interact and hang out on video.

Dance Party

One thing to bring the kids together virtually is a dance party. Get a few of them on a virtual media platform and turn up the music. They can even do a little karaoke if they get tired of dancing.

Online Games

It isn’t a great thing to turn kids into video game zombies, but it is okay to let them play online games for a little bit with their friends. The kids get to interact on the video game and enjoy having a good time with each other. Of course, you need to think about privacy and safety being online as well.

Send Mail

A fun way to stay connected is to draw pictures or cards and send them to friends. Your kiddo will have a blast making their friend a picture then getting excited to receive one back in the mail. It’s a little gesture that helps them feel connected to the outside world.

Talk About It

Let your kids share their feelings about being apart from their normal life and their everyday friends. Give them the platform to share openly about their fears. Let them share ideas with you about how they can connect as well.

Kids are a lot like adults as they crave interaction with their friends. It’s crucial that you help them navigate this time and find fun ways to connect with friends. Help them understand one day this will be over. One day they’ll be able to hug those friends in person. It will get better.

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