Getting kids to read during the summer helps them keep their literacy skills intact. It also helps to prepare them for what comes next in their learning when school adjourns again in the fall. However, when the summer sun rises and the public pool calls, being inside reading may be the last thing a kid wants to do. The following three tips give parents some ideas for how to get their kids to read during the summer and without a fuss.

1. Try Comics and Graphic Novels

Few books appeal to kids like comics and graphic novels do. According to The School Run, the visual nature of comics grabs young readers’ attention. These stories appeal to kids who grew up on TV and video games. As such, they’re used to their stories having a visual element. Graphic novels and comics bridge the gap between the visual and the written word, making reading more appealing.

2. Read a Series Together

One of the magical things about the Harry Potter series – no pun intended – is that both kids and adults love the stories. This points to an important concept in literacy: reading as a shared experience. According to Grade Power Learning, parents can encourage their kids to read more by reading the same series that their kids read. This gives them something to talk about as they discuss the books they’re reading.

3. Tie Reading Activities to Fun Activities

For kids, it’s sometimes difficult to see how what they’re learning applies to real life. Parents can combat this issue by tying their kids’ summer reading materials into a real-world fun activity.

For example, museums and readings about history go hand-in-hand. Giving your kids a book about the Old West and then taking them to a history museum that covers the same era is one way to make their reading activities come alive.

Getting kids to read during the summer often hinges on making reading fun. Kids who find reading fun feel motivated to read even when they don’t have to. The three ideas in this post offer tips for making reading fun. It goes from being a chore to being a joy in a kid’s eyes.

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