One of the most challenging aspects of moving for a child is the thought of going to a new school. Meeting new friends and adjusting to a new teacher and classroom rules can be overwhelming for a child. You can help your child have a smooth transition and adapt to their new school with these tips.

Stay Positive
A child feeds off of their parents’ opinions. Keeping a positive attitude about the move and the new school will help your child have a positive attitude. It is okay to acknowledge the challenging aspects of moving to a new school and communicating about your child’s concerns or problems, but don’t fall into a negativity trap. Stay upbeat and positive, and your child is more likely to look for the school’s good aspects.

Give Choices
Children often feel that they have no say in situations; this can cause them to act out. Help your child gain independence and confidence by giving them choices. Your child may not be able to choose where they live or what school they go to, but they can choose a new backpack, what to pack for lunch, and what extracurricular activities they participate in.

Check It Out Together
Much of your child’s anxiety comes from the unknown. Taking a short tour of the school before they start, meeting their teacher, and talking with the principal can go a long way in making your child more comfortable. Take the tour together and point out all of the things you love about the new school.

Encourage Friendships
The thought of sitting alone at lunch on the first day and being labeled the new kid is enough to send any child running the other way. Making a friend before school begins can help your child feel comfortable on their first day and give them something to look forward to. Talk with other parents in the neighborhood and schedule a playdate, small party, or get-together. Your child will make new friends in no time and have an easier time adjusting to the move.

Moving is a stressful situation for the entire family. Make the transition better for your child by preparing them for the move. Tell them about the move as soon as possible, give them space and use these tips to help them build new relationships, and they will be thriving in no time.

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