The idea of homework over the holiday break may have your child sad, but there’s a ton of good that can come from it! However, homework time may cut into precious family time, as holidays are the best time to reconnect with your loved ones. Wanting to spend time as a family and making sure your child does the amount of reading and work needed is difficult. Here are some things you can do to help your child out over the holidays

Scheduling small

It’s really easy for your young child to get overwhelmed by all the work that needs to be done, so setting aside times that work with both of your schedules can be essential. Your child may want to sleep in a little later so that they may work their best in the afternoon or evening. It is necessary to make sure that your child does a little bit of work every day so that they’re not cramming the whole assignment or project into one day. This teaches your child the importance of a schedule and time management, as fighting procrastination as an adult can be tricky.

Taking advantage of downtime

There it is, that horrible phrase: “Mom, I’m bored.” The last thing you want to do is watch your child spend the entire break on their phone or tablet or in front of the television or computer. If you spend a lot of time traveling over the winter break, your child can work on completing homework instead of playing video games or using their phone as a distraction. This also allows you to spend time with your child, and it can decrease unnecessary screen exposure. Helping your child with homework also helps them learn the value of their education, and it can be an excellent way for you and your child to bond. Letting your child also have downtime to have fun is essential, so they don’t get burnt out. It’s still a break, after all!

Experience learning

A school break is a wonderful time to let your child think about their assignments more, as they have the opportunity to process the work they’re doing. A break can be essential to help them hone their skills! If they’re feeling a little downtrodden because of a history assignment, why not go to a history museum with them! If there’s a science project they need to do, why not help them with baking or a trip to the zoo? Kids need more than just sitting down in front of a book and taking notes– some kids need more of a hands-on experience to help the lessons really sink in. This is prime bonding time for you and your child!

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