Keeping your kids active during the cold winter season is key to keeping them healthy. It is even more important during our current pandemic when they have been cooped up in the house for nearly a year. Most kids are willing to sit on the couch playing video games or watching television all day, so it is up to the parent to find exciting ways to get them moving. It may require a little more effort than usual, but here are the four best ways to keep kids active during the pandemic this winter.

Play in the Snow

If you are fortunate to live in an area of the country that regularly gets snow, you need to take advantage of the opportunity. The kids will love playing in the snow with their parents for a few hours. You can make snowmen, start a snowball fight or go sledding down the biggest hill in the neighborhood. Just make sure everyone is wearing several layers of clothes.

Hold a Dance Party

Young kids are always willing to act a little goofy. There is no better way to have some silly fun with the kids this winter than by holding a dance party in the living room. Move the furniture to the side to give you plenty of room to dance before putting on your favorite songs. Mix up the music to keep things interesting for everyone.

Set Up an Obstacle Course

Obstacle courses have boomed in popularity during the pandemic. There is a very good chance that your kid loves watching online videos of homemade obstacle courses. Turn their obsession into a fun activity by creating an obstacle course in your home. Track the fastest times on the course to keep everyone interested all day. Put away the valuables and add some pillows to the floor to keep things safe.

Go for a Hike

Getting out of the house is essential for everyone’s sanity right now. One of the safest places you can go outside is the local park or woods. These large open areas offer plenty of beautiful spots to walk and hike. Make it a little more interesting by looking for local wildlife, playing games of “I Spy,” or seeing who can identify the most trees.

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