Dyslexia is a learning disorder that makes it difficult to distinguish between letters, read and pronounce words, and generally use language. It often goes undiagnosed for years because of its subtle symptoms. However, most experts agree that the early detection of dyslexia is essential to put children on the path to lifelong success. Here are common signs of dyslexia in children.

1. Difficulty Spelling and Pronouncing Words

Children with dyslexia often have difficulty coming up with the right spelling of a word. They may struggle to come up with the letters and make them match the word. They may have trouble sounding out words when they read, and they may mispronounce what seems easy for other kids. The child may encounter problems when trying to write or read at school.

2. Avoiding Any Activity That Involves Reading

Kids with dyslexia can’t hold their attention long enough to read long and complicated books. They will often skip over or skim the difficult parts of a book. They may not be able to comprehend or retain information from written material. So, they may struggle with tests, worksheets, and other tasks that require reading for comprehension.

3. Slow and Labor-Intensive Reading

When reading, kids with dyslexia often struggle to move from one word to another. This can make reading difficult and slow. They may have trouble recognizing some letters or may misread words. The child may have to re-read words several times before understanding what is being read or said.

4. Difficulty with Decoding Basic Word

Children with dyslexia may not be able to understand well what they read. They often fail to see the meaning immediately in a written or a spoken sentence and then rely on complex rules that help determine the meaning of words for better understanding.

5. Reading in a Focused Manner

Kids with dyslexia may not be able to focus on the task at hand and follow along as easily as others. They may have trouble with speed and comprehension but may still be able to read. They lack eye movements and visual scanning abilities to see the whole sentence.

The main point is that children with reading difficulties should be found early on. After all, the earlier one detects a problem with dyslexia, the more successful treatment will be. Parents and educators should seek help from a specialist if they notice any of these signs in their child.

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