Every parent wants their kids to do well in school. Getting good grades gives kids confidence and a passion for learning to set them up for success later in life. Unfortunately, schoolwork does not come easy to a lot of kids. These kids need a little extra guidance outside of the classroom to succeed. These are the four most obvious signs it is time to get your child a tutor.

Grades Keep Slipping

The most apparent and obvious sign that your kid needs a tutor is when their grades are not very good. This is especially true if they had solid grades in the past. Slipping grades means that your kid is suddenly not grasping a new concept in school. Hiring a tutor will give them the extra help they need to get over the hump. They will then get back on track and bump up the grades.

Struggles with Homework

It is essential to pay attention to your kid’s attitude and body language while doing homework. Sudden changes to their demeanor while studying is an obvious sign they are struggling. These changes include frustrated outbursts and spending several hours on their homework every night. This often leads to avoiding the homework assignments and, in some cases, being dishonest about whether they have homework.

Parent Unable to Assist

Grasping new topics can be difficult for kids in school, but depending on your own aptitude, helping your child with new material yourself may not be the best option. Sometimes parents can feel out of their element when trying to help their older children with school work. Or worse yet, trying to help with homework can lead to tension between you and your child. Rather than spending the time you have together arguing about schoolwork, perhaps investing in a tutoring program would be a better option for both of you.

Doesn’t Like School

It is fairly common for kids not to enjoy things that are difficult for them. This is just human nature. This is why kids that struggle learning often say they hate school. Make sure to listen to any complaints your child has about school because it usually means they are having problems. If they are having anxiety in the morning or trying to avoid school, you need to take action now.

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